Sun City Fire and Medical Department

Serving the communities of Sun City, Youngtown and Citrus Point.

Emergency Medical Division

Providing excellent customer service to the needs of our citizens is the main priority of the Sun City Fire & Medical Department’s Emergency Medical Services Division. Sun City firefighters are cross-trained in a variety of functions which includes Emergency Medical Services. Every Sun City firefighter is trained to provide basic emergency care to sick or injured patients. In addition, 45 of our firefighters have been trained as Advanced Life Support Paramedics who communicate directly with the hospitals and doctors. Paramedics have been trained to provide additional lifesaving skills including advanced airway procedures, cardiac pacing, and intravenous therapy.

Emergency health care is in a constant state of change. Sun City Fire & Medical Department has been proactive in adapting our service delivery system to continue providing quality emergency medical service. This has been accomplished by staffing a minimum of two Sun City Fire & Medical Department paramedics on every response apparatus in the district. Each Sun City fire apparatus is equipped to provide care for multiple critical patients. Sun City paramedics are trained to read 12-lead EKGs in order to identify patients who may be suffering from a myocardial infarction enabling them to treat and transport them as rapidly as possible. 

In addition, Sun City Fire and Medical Department now operates its own fleet of ALS ambulances. The Sun City Fire & Medical Department has been successful in the development of partnerships with the local hospitals to further strengthen the overall emergency medical pre-hospital system. These working relationships have enabled the Sun City Fire & Medical Department and our partners to provide the best emergency medical customer service delivery system to the citizens we serve.