Sun City Fire and Medical Department

Serving the communities of Sun City, Youngtown and Citrus Point.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our daily interaction with the citizens of Sun City we have compiled a list of the ten most frequently asked questions by the public. These questions relate to all areas of the fire district and fire department. Hopefully, by answering these questions, most, if not all, of your concerns will be addressed.

Q - What is a fire district?

A - A Fire District is a political Subdivision of the State, formed for the protection of persons and property in an area approved by the county, usually in unincorporated areas.

Q - Who is responsible for the operations of the fire district?

A - Under the law, a board of five (5) citizens of Sun City is elected to govern the District. Board members serve four (4) year staggered terms. Elections are held every two (2) years in November, most recently in November of 2016.

Q - What does it cost to run the fire department?

A - For the fiscal year of 2017/2018 the Fire District budget is $11,400,747.

Q - Who pays for the fire department?

A - After the Board approves the budget, it is submitted to the County Treasurer. The county then contributes $300,000 of that amount, with remaining money necessary raised by a fire tax levied on properties in the district.

Q - What is a Fire District Assistance Tax?

A - The Fire District Assistance Tax, ARS 48-807, is a special tax levied by counties to assist the operation of fire Districts. In Maricopa County this tax is $3.25 per 100 dollar assessed secondary evaluation.

Q - Why do I see fire trucks from Peoria, surprise, and el mirage running calls in Sun City and why do I see Sun City fire trucks in other communities?

A - The Sun City Fire & Medical Department is a member of a consortium of more than twenty-five fire departments entered into an automatic aid program, including Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, El Mirage, Surprise, and North County.  Under automatic aid, dispatching computers select the closest available fire, rescue and/or paramedic units without regard to jurisdictional boundaries. Participating in automatic aid reduces average response times to less than four minutes.

Q - Why does the fire department respond to medical calls?

A - Each Sun City Fire & Medical Department engine company has 2 state certified paramedics to administer advanced life support to the public. The geographic location of the fire stations enable the Fire & Medical Department to arrive on the scene of emergency calls in less than 4 minutes.

Q - Why is it when I call for an ambulance, a fire truck shows up?

A - The Sun City Fire & Medical Department provides all first responder paramedic medical services for Sun City, Youngtown, and Citrus Point. The Fire & Medical Department administers the medical treatment, and if needed, the ambulance transports the patient to a medical facility.

Q - Who is my ambulance company?

A - The Sun City Fire & Medical Department has its own ambulance fleet that responds to Advanced Life Support (ALS) calls, and is supplemented by AMR Ambulance for additional transportation, if needed. However, you are free to request any ambulance company of your preference.