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Inspection Process

Inspections are as important to your home improvement project as good planning is to your lifestyle. The inspector is an impartial, objective and experienced observer, and inspections are one of the benefits you receive in return for the fee you paid for your building permit.

Inspection Results:

Regarding the scheduling of inspections, try to plan ahead so that the job will be ready for inspection when the inspector arrives. You may want to be there to talk with the inspector, but you don’t have to be. Just make sure that you provide the inspector with access to the property, the job site copy of the permit and the approved job-site copy of the plans.

Red Tag: A red tag is typically viewed as “bad”, however, it is actually an inspector notifying you that something is not in compliance, and providing you an opportunity to correct a problem before it becomes permanent. It can save you time, money and aggravation for years to come, and it can save your life if it alerts you to a serious hazard. 

Green Tag: A green tag is your assurance that the work done complies with the Approved Plan Documents and the subsequent building, electrical, plumbing or mechanical codes. It’s your signal to proceed to the next step. No portion of the work may be concealed, covered or put into use until it has been APPROVED by the SCF&MD Inspector.

If an item receives a red tag, correct the problem and call for a re-inspection. If a contractor is managing the project for you, you may want to check for green tags yourself to confirm that your contractor has been calling in and that the work is passing inspection.