Sun City Fire and Medical Department

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Smoke Detectors save lives

The Sun City Fire & Medical Department has received a Grant from the Department of Homeland Security to operate a Smoke Detector Installation Program.  Due to the success of our funding request, Sun City Fire & Medical Department can install a Smoke Detector in your home for FREE!  We can install new or replace existing Smoke Detectors in your home.

The Smoke Detector is a dual-sensored Smoke Detector with a 10-year lithium sealed battery, which means you don't have to replace any batteries!  In addition to the Smoke Detector installation, we will perform a Home Safety Survey which is a 38-point checklist of Safety concerns within your home.

There have been many fires in which Smoke Detectors alerted the residents to get out of the home, possibly saving their lives and averting a large loss due to the home having working Smoke Detectors.

If you would like to receive a FREE Smoke Detector installation or would like to have your current detector inspected to ensure it is operable in times of emergency, start by contacting our offices today.

Call 623-974-2321 or email us at for you FREE appointment today!